Bicyclists’ paradise in northern Lower Austria: On your bikes, then ready, set, go!

Bicycles set the ideal tempo for exploring the region: not too slow, not too fast and always close to the many scenic spots. Uphill and down, into the woods, through the streams, along country lanes – that is bicycling in the Waldviertel. Of course nothing says you have to cycle up and down mountains. Many people like to travel on easy, paved routes that take them through some of the most scenic countryside in the region.

Kamp-Thaya-March Cycling Route
One highlight is the Kamp-Thaya-March Cycling Route. It is one of the most beautiful long-distance bike routes in Austria. This attractive route in the north-east of Lower Austria is approximately 420 km long (Tip: Plan on a week or longer for this tour). Starting off in Krems an der Donau, it follows the course of three rivers, the Kamp, the Thaya and the March. Far from mass tourism and the main roads, it continues across the gentle hills of the Weinviertel to the dreamy meadow countryside beside the March and on to Vienna.
The western half of the Kamp-Thaya-March bike route takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of the Waldviertel. It is fairly hilly throughout with a number of  ascents and descents, mostly short.
The “Kloster” (monastery) bike route between Geras and Horn/Altenburg is signposted throughout enabling the cyclist to extend the Kamp-Thaya-March route into an approximately 250 km round trip of the Waldviertel.

The Euro Velo Route 13
The Euro Velo Route 13, also known as the Iron Curtain Trail, has overlapped with the Kamp-Thaya-March Cycling Route since 2014. It runs for about 9000 km along this former border between East and West from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, passing through 20 countries in the process.

Bicycling Tours

You can find a number of bicycling tours to download in our interactive map online, complete with detailed tour descriptions, elevation profiles and GPS data.