Cycling in the Waldviertel, © Waldviertel Tourismus, Studio Kerschbaum

Thaya Circuit Cycle Route

Cyclists in the Waldviertel stay on track

It is easy to stay on track in the Waldviertel. Just ride the disused rail lines in the Thaya region . The Thaya Circuit Cycle Route (German: Thayarunde) is considered one of the region’s top cycling routes. But judge for yourself!

In northwestern Lower Austria, your happiness deepens with every pedal stroke. The 111 kilometer long circular route crosses the border between Austria and the Czech Republic, passing by fascinating sights and pristine nature time and again. If the entire distance is too much for you, you can cover individual stages with the practical bicycle bus (Radtramper). All this makes the route an ideal outing even for, in fact especially for, families.

Speaking of practicality: If you do not have your own car or do not want to take it along to the cycle tour, you can travel to the Thaya Circuit Cycle Route easily and conveniently on public transport.