Druid Trail Ysperklamm No. 31

Through the Ysperklamm into the Druid Forest on the Druid Trail Ysperklamm No. 31 (German: Druidenweg Ysperklamm Nr. 31).

The Druid Trail begins where the Ysperklamm ends. Mysterious cupstones and bizarre rock formations abound along this route, indicating the presence of former Celtic cult sites, hence the name of the trail.

This certified route proceeds from the hiking town of Yspertal on a steep ascent through the famed gorge known as the Ysperklamm. Over the next two kilometers along the Grosse Ysper, there is an elevation gain of 300 meters. At the top is the Ödteich, formerly a water reservoir for log driving and today a spruce forest. After the Kaiserreith spring and a short ascent, you reach the first cult site, the rock formation Phallus with Vulva. Next comes the Sitting Dog, followed by the Standing Cup, and the Outer and Inner Stone Circles. Beyond that, the route takes you to the Great Cup and the Cave House. At Böndel, you encounter thirteen cupstones arranged in a circle. On the other side of the mountain, you go downhill, then turn to the right through the high forest to the lookout point Kaltenberg Cross. From the foot of the Kaltenberg, you return to your point of departure on a local road.

Special features

Many of the names that the rock formations along the route bear today were coined by the Yspertal parish priest Hans Wick, who devoted years to researching the mysterious natural phenomena. Among the amazing rock formations you can view along the way are the Phallus with Vulva, the Sitting Dog, the Sphinx or the Standing Cup all the way to Böndel, a rock circle comprising 13 rocks perched on a hilltop with a magnificent view.