Ostrong, Großer Peilstein

Mountain summit


With two peaks and magnificent views, the Ostrong mountain range in the southern Waldviertel is one of the most popular hiking areas in its region. The densely forested low mountain range begins at the Danube and extends to Yspertal and Weitental. For big and small hiking foxes it is optimally developed by several routes from easy to demanding. The highest points are the two peaks: the Kleine Peilstein stretches 1,024 meters into the air, the Große Peilstein reaches 1,061 meters - and is thus considered the highest peak of the "Donauwaldviertel".

Especially exciting for children: There are many legends about the Ostrong, which the adults will surely be happy to tell during the excursion. In addition, you can walk in the footsteps of the monarchy: Allegedly, Emperor Franz I personally had the route of today's Kaiserweg laid out.

Southern Waldviertel, in the Yspertal valley

Hiking tips at and around the Ostrong

The hiking trail Peilstein-Yspertal No. 33 is particularly scenic: Here, past the summit cross of the Kleiner Peilstein, you go directly up to the Großer Peilstein - with a breathtaking view over the Danube valley and the Alps.
The easy - and especially suitable for inexperienced and small feet - circular hiking trail Laimbach does not lead to the Ostrong, but offers a great view to its highest peak.
The demanding tour Peilstein Gipfel-Erlebnis Laimbach leads to the summit cross of the Kleiner Peilstein.

Legends from the Ostrong mountain range

Children's ears prick up when the legend of the giant fish is told: It is said to live inside the mountain in a strange lake - and every now and then strikes the rocks with its gold-scaled tail. Then it thunders in the whole Yspertal. Another legend is about the mermaid of the Ostrong: Supposedly, a poor young craftsman received help from a beautiful woman during a thunderstorm on the mountain. He married her. However, when the moon was full, she always went into the forest. He became suspicious and followed her - and saw her turn into a mermaid. However, because he had seen this, she could not come back to him. And another legend awaits at Ostrong: at the summit point between Münichreith and Yspertal, Ysper Castle is said to have once stood. Today, however, nothing at all can be seen of the mysterious noble residence.

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