Hochmoor Schrems

Breathtaking view over the moor from the viewing platform

This peat bog between Langschwarza, Gebharts and Schrems extends over an area of about 300 hectares, making it the biggest bog in Lower Austria. About one third of it has been under protection since 2000 as Nature Park Hochmoor Schrems.

A 20 meter high viewing platform called "Himmelsleiter", ladder to heaven, near the entrance to Nature Park Hochmoor Schrems affords special insights into this fascinating peat bog. Climbing the 100 steps is well worthwhile, because the view of the moor from the top is breathtaking.

The areas of the bog covered by water provide an ideal habitat to many rare plants and animals. This high moor is also home to the extremely rare moor frog, the yellow iris or the yellow water lily and to the carnivorous sundew. 

Along the moor history trail in this nature park you can view the various stages of regeneration that this former peatery went through and find out all kinds of interesting information and details about the moor ecosystem. Take a relaxing hike through the scenic landscape from the visitors center UnterWasserReich to the ladder to heaven (Himmelsleiter) and enjoy this unique conservation area.