Nebelstein Panoramic Trail No. 24

At 1017 meters, the Nebelstein has grand summit views and a great refreshment stop, making it perfect for fun hikes in the upper Waldviertel!

The Nebelstein Panoramic Trail No. 24 (German: Nebelstein-Panoramaweg Nr. 24) is a popular route for recreational hiking and was certified with the Austrian quality mark for hiking in 2015. With an elevation gain of 366 meters and a length of about 9 kilometers, the trail takes, at most, 2.5 hours to walk.

Forests, imposing cliffs and hills dominate this region around Moorbad Hardbach. The countryside emanates tranquility and serenity. This panoramic route incorporates all facets of the great outdoors, with forest and meadow trails repeatedly giving way to rocky paths and moors. Wooden and granite benches stand by the wayside, inviting you to sit and linger for a while. The numerous rock formations, known in Austrian as “Restlinge”, offer kids a natural playground for playing hide-and-seek or just climbing around.

The highlight of the hike is the summit of the Nebelstein. An impressive rock formation typical of the Waldviertel stands here at a prominent spot, giving you a sweeping 360° view from 1,017 meters above sea level.

The panoramic mountain is especially popular in combination with a stop at the Nebelsteinhütte. This rustic alpine hut seems to be pressed in under a massive granite cliff and was the first hut to be built by the Alpine Club after World War II. Open from the beginning of April to the end of October, it serves delicacies and tasty Waldviertel treats and is the definition of “gemütlichkeit” (easy-going congeniality).

Active recreation figures large in this area. The Xundwärts Parcours in Hirschenwies is the departure point for the route and an ideal place to warm up and stretch. At the end of the hike, you can look forward to the Waldpension Nebelstein, a forest guest house with a delightful fairy-tale garden.