Thurnberg Reservoir

A paradise for anglers and the ideal destination for a relaxing family outing in the summer...

Nestled in the hill country in the heart of the Waldviertel, the Thurnberg Reservoir is about 2 km long and resembles a river in appearance.

The Thurnberg Reservoir is the third and smallest of the three reservoirs along the Kamp River. It extends between the towns of Krumau and Thurnberg and is surrounded by woods, rocks and reeds. It too has ideal conditions for fishing. Like the Ottenstein and Dobra reservoirs, the Thurnberg Reservoir has some of the best fishing grounds in Austria. You can cast your rod right from the shore in many places, especially in Krumau.

There is a variety of recreational activities around the lake as well. The area can be explored on hiking trails and cycling paths. The reservoir is great for swimming. The large sunbathing lawn by the dam is a popular spot and always accessible. The nearby campground Campingplatz in Krumau rents out rowboats, paddle boats and electric boats or canoes from April to October.